Affiliates in this country

Union Syndicale des Travailleurs de Guinée (USTG)

B.P. 1514
Conakry République de Guinée
Tel : +224-45 60 00
Fax : +224-412565
E-mail :;

Organisation Nationale des Syndicats Libres de Guinée (ONSLG)

B.P. 4033
Conakry République de Guinée
Tel : +224-415217
Fax : +224-430283
E-mail :

Confédération Nationale de Travailleurs de Guinée (CNTG)

Bourse du Travail, Corniche Sud 004
B.P. 237
Conakry République de Guinée
Tel : +224-11-262044
Fax : +224-11-454996
E-mail :;

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Mar 15

World Social Forum 2018

The World Social Forum has consolidated itself as an open space of horizontal and plural encounter for the democratic debate of ideas, the formulation of proposals, the free exchange of experiences and the articulation for effective actions by organizations and movements of the planetary civil (...)