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Human rights are a concept that every human being has rights universal, inalienable, whatever the positive law or other local factors such as ethnicity, nationality or religion.

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Template on human and trade union rights incidence reporting format

Modèle de formulaire pour signaler des incidents de violation des droits humains et syndicaux
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World Social Forum 2018

The World Social Forum has consolidated itself as an open space of horizontal and plural encounter for the democratic debate of ideas, the formulation of proposals, the free exchange of experiences and the articulation for effective actions by organizations and movements of the planetary civil (...)
12-17 March 2018 Salvador, Bahia, BRASIL Keywords : Activities; Human and trade union rights; Peace And Security; Migration;

2018 Survey Questionnaire on TRADE UNION RIGHTS VIOLATION

The ITUC has been exposing violations of trade union rights for more than 30 years. We publish this information on the website of the ITUC Survey and use it to develop the ITUC Global Rights Index which rates 140 countries on a scale from 1-5 based on the degree of respect for workers’ rights. (...)
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ITUC-Africa welcomes Qatar’s labour industrial reforms: calls on Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to emulate same

The African Régional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confédération (ITUC-Africa) joins the global trade union fraternity to commend and welcome the décision and commitments made by the govemment of Qatar to progressively reform her industrial relations practices. The reforms will help (...)
Keywords : Activities; Declarations; Human and trade union rights; Migration;
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World Day for Decent Work 2012

With the global economic crisis still hitting working people hard in every part of the world, trade unions around the world will once again organise mobilisations, events and activities on October 7 to demand decent jobs and full respect for workers’ (...)
Keywords : Newsletters ; Human and trade union rights ; Youth Work - Organising And Workers Empowerment ;

ITUC-Africa Condemns Execution of Farm Workers

The African Regional Organization of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa) strongly condemns the execution of four farm workers by members of Alshabab Islamist group in the District of Wanleweyn of the Lower Shabelle region in southern (...)
Keywords : Declarations ; Human and trade union rights ;

A letter calling for global action towards the effective defence, protection and promotion of the rights of Migrants

Dear friends and comrades: We write to you in reference to the global day of action for the rights of migrants, refugees and displaced people on December 18, 2012.
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Malawi Govt pleads with MCTU

The Joyce Banda administration has asked the MCTU to withdraw labour rights violations it lodged at the International Labour Organization (ILO)
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The Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) will be holding a public demonstration outside the offices of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) tomorrow, Friday 09 September 2011, 57 Ntemi Piliso Street, Johannesburg.
Keywords : South Africa ; Swaziland Democracy ; Human and trade union rights ;
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