Capacity building workshop for CSTT union leaders in democratic management

24-27 Septembre 2018 Lomé, TOGO
Keywords : Organising And Workers Empowerment - Trade Union Unity Togo

After its recent extraordinary congress, held on 8th December 2017 where a new confederal bureau was put in place, it was necessary to reinforce the capacity of the members for a better democratic management.

It is in this context that ITUC Africa and the CFDT, through the Belleville Institute, organized a training workshop in Lomé, Fopadesc center, from 24 to 27 September, to train the leaders of CSTT, the Trade Union Confederation of Togolese Workers.

"Can we conclude after three years that the crisis is over? I don’t think so. The new bureau and other organs need capacity building to fulfill their mission. As a CSTT alumna, we struggled for a program with our comrades at the Belleville Institute to build their capacity, "said Beleki Akouété, Deputy Secretary General of the International Trade Union Confederation-Africa (ITUC Africa).

"We will work on redefining a team, what are our values, etc. We must have someone as a treasurer and another who makes the claims; we will teach them how it all works together. It sounds simple, but it’s not easy in the implementation, "said Ms. Martine Roy, Belleville Institute Representative.

She hopes that this training will enable the Confederation of Workers’ Trade Unions of Togo (CSTT) to avoid new internal crises. "I think CSTT officials and all actors expect this organization to function properly" she added.

During the four days, participants were trained on the union coordination system, transparency and governance that should guide its activities. These union leaders were refreshed on the fundamentals of a union and on best practices on how to run a confederal office.

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