Fraternal message to the youth wing of the Coalition of Central Trade Unions of Senegal

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At the debut of this very important workshop on ‘Trade union unity’ being organized
by the youth wing of the Coalition of Central Trade Unions of Senegal and supported
by Friedrich Ebert Stifung (Senegal); ITUC-Africa would like to congratulate the young
unionists of Senegal for the good work being carried out since the inception of the
coalition in August 2012. The initiative is indeed a laudable one and ITUC-Africa cannot
be more delighted about the collective efforts of youth in Senegal who are working
steadfastly towards advancing trade union unity.

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The current situation of youth on the continent has stirred young people into greater
innovation and action. The inspirational role by the youth during the Arab Spring
revolution demonstrates the commitment of young persons to fight to protect and
preserve their future. At the trade union level, the situation is not much different.
Young workers, though not very prominent in the labor movement, are striving in
diverse ways to make a change. Senegal is of course no exception!

The overall objective of the workshop which is to gradually contribute to the
unification of unions in Senegal is indeed a commendable objective which can serve as
an important example for the various countries with numerous affiliates.

ITUC-Africa earnestly hopes that by the end of this meeting, the desired outcome to
adopt a work plan which will contribute towards the process of unity of action will be

The youth desk of ITUC-Africa looks forward to working consistently with the young
workers in Senegal to execute this work plan and bring to fruition the action plan to be

On behalf of all the young workers around the continent, we sincerely wish you a
fruitful workshop and hope that the three day meeting will indeed yield formidable

Let us work together for a positive change in the labor movement.

Viva to Senegalese young workers!

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