Lomé , Togo 12 August 2019
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Young workers can also participate and “Make it a space for all of us” through transformed education. Education allows people to develop confidence in their self, showcase their talent and more so speak up for their rights and others who they represent.

August 12

As young people, education is an opportunity that offer many potential gains with no drawbacks through prioritizing on youth leadership. The goal is for young people to have a say in what they are spending seven plus hours a day studying. It is key that our voices be heard. The need for education to have relevant and effective learning outcomes should be considered since it will focus on both formal and informal education as a tool for youth empowerment.

For young people and women especially, a quality education can enable them to claim their rights, to stand up against discrimination and violence and to develop the skills that lead them to financial autonomy. Comprehensive sexuality education is crucial for young women ability to understand their bodies and make decisions about their health care, including their sexual and reproductive health. However, achieving universal secondary education would virtually eliminate child marriage and reduce the prevalence of early childbearing.

Truly transforming education means making learning accessible to all young people, regardless of their access to a physical classroom and better integrating technology into education, including through the use of mobile devices, so that young people can connect to educational materials wherever they are.

We also need to overturn the deeply rooted stereotypes and social norms that see young women as less deserving of an education, or that keep them from learning the critical skills needed to excel in the jobs of the future.

Finally, Education helps young people become fully engaged citizens. We need this more than ever. As young leaders, we will disrupt the status quo and to push for transformative policies that shape the future we envision, allies and advocates for gender equality. In addition, By educating and working alongside the next generation, support a more inclusive, sustainable and equal future for all people.

Happy International Youth Day!
In solidarity
Jane Muthoni Njoki
Youth Committee President

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