Social Protection in Mali: Research reports of CARES-Mali validated

February, 3rd, 2018 Mali - CARES
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The Mali Trade Union Analysis and Research Committee (CARES Mali), in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, organized a validation workshop for two social protection research projects on Saturday, February 3rd at the Malian Labor Exchange.

February 12

The study was on « Extending Social Protection to Workers in the Informal Economy in Mali and taking stock of Global Framework Agreements and the Social Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises in Mali.

The validation workshop of these two important documents on social protection in Mali took place in the presence of Ms. Ba Bintou Bah, coordinator of CARES-Mali; representatives of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Mali, llCP-MaS, ITJNTM and representatives of UNTM and CSTM.

The purpose of this research is to provide the Malian unions with a research paper on the challenges of extending social protection and promoting decent work in the informal economy and to identify trade union strategies for the extension of social protection to actors in the informal economy in Mali.

A further objective was to take stock of the framework agreements signed by the companies / multinationals and evaluating their strengths and identifying possible violations of human and trade union rights in these multinational companies to draw up recommendations regarding findings and to notify the actors of the Malian trade union movement.

In the same report, proposals have been made in several areas to extend social protection to workers of the informal sector namely the implementation of institutional reforms; the reinforcement of the structures in charge of social protection in Mali; The development of employment and employability programmes for workers in the informal economy; Improving the business environment and facilitating measures to create formal enterprises with access to social protection; Possible avenues of funding to support the process of extending social protection in the informal economy in Mali

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