Tribute to comrade and sister Aissatou Ndeye Niang

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An activist fell with weapons in hand; our friend, comrade and sister Aissatou Ndeye Niang passed away on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 during her stay in Geneva in the course of the 105th International Labour Conference.

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Tireless advocate of any just cause including the rights of women and children, she left an indelible mark in all structures in her support to the development of women trade unionists wherever she went - the preparation of the 2nd ITUC Women World Conference in 2013, the 1st academy of women trade unionists and the 3rd Congress of the ITUC-Africa held in Dakar in 2015. She was one of the key players in the process of establishing a network of women trade unionists. At grassroots level and within her national center - CNTS-FC. she was the woman of dialogue and peace.

Her generosity and insatiable desire to share her knowledge made her an icon. Many women and men benefitted from her spontaneous and selfless support. The response of many after the announcement of her death was "I lost a friend." Because we have not forgotten the smile of our comrade and her fights, because we do not intend to forget the mainstreaming of equality between men and women in the labor movement and in the world of work in Africa and in the world, because we do not intend to let her memory sink to oblivion, we promise to work for the ideals that led her to Geneva i.e. a better representation of competent women in decision-making position.

To all her comrades and the entire Senegalese unions, her resilient and discreet husband, her children, we extend our sincere condolences and our solidarity.
Farewell comrade, may ALLAH grant you a hundredfold what you have given generously to others in the trade union movement in your country and may he welcome you in Paradise.

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