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Guatemala: Escalation in Trade Union Rights Violations

Guatemala is witnessing an escalation in the violation of its workers' fundamental labour and trade union rights, particularly in the municipal sector.

Since the new municipal administrations came into office on 15 January, workers have been suffering blatant violations of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution, the national labour legislation and the core ILO Conventions ratified by Guatemala.

According to the information gathered by the ITUC during its mission to Guatemala, the change in government has given way to all kinds of rights violations in most municipalities, ranging from dismissals to intimidation and murders. "The new government must bring an end to these constant workers' rights violations. It must respect the national legislation and the ILO Conventions if it wants to change its image on the international stage," said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow.

An ITUC international mission visited various regions across Guatemala at the end of February. The delegates were able to meet with workers from a range of economic sectors and observed the escalation in fundamental rights violations. As a result, the ITUC, along with the TUCA, will launch a campaign next month in Guatemala calling for respect for trade union rights and an end to impunity.

In a letter to the Guatemalan authorities, the ITUC urged them to assume their responsibilities and redress the violations denounced.

February Mission

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