Ethiopia, Eritrea sign ’joint declaration of peace and friendship’ in Asmara

Conscious that the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea share close bonds of geography, history, culture, language and religion as well as fundamental common interests; Recognizing that over the past decades, they were denied the opportunity to build a bright future for their peoples on the basis (...)
9th July 2018 Keywords : DeclarationsHuman and trade union rights Eritrea Ethiopia

PRESS RELEASE from NLC: MTN Must Respect Workers Rights

Today, Tuesday, July. 10, marks the second day of the picketing of MTN offices nationwide by the Nigeria Labour Congress and its civil society allies This press statement is intended to explain the reasons for this action as well as debunk the false information being fed the public by MTN (...)
Keywords : DeclarationsHuman and trade union rights Nigeria

Press Statement: Move to finally resolve the “no war no peace” situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea: African workers’ commendation and call for genuine and determinate process and outcome

The African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation - ITUC-Africa welcomes with excitement the historic visit of an Eritrean high delegation to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 26 June 2018 on the official invitation of the government of Ethiopia. ITUC-Africa also commends (...)
June 29, 2018 Keywords : Declarations Eritrea EthiopiaPeace And Security

REPORT on Just Transition Consultative Meeting, 22-24 May 2018, Lagos, Nigeria

The ITUC-Africa Just Transition Consultative Meeting, tookg place in Lagos from 22-24 May 2018, brought together 18 participants from 12 African countries. The meeting deliberated on a number of issues: a. The development and industrialization challenges facing Africa b. The Climate Change (...)
22-24 May 2018 Keywords : ActivitiesClimate Change And EnvironmentReports

Trade Unions Begin a Journey Towards Defining and Developing A Just Transition Policy Framework For Africa

As part of a series of initiatives jointly implemented by ITUC-Africa and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), the Africa climate change activists are now embarking on a process of conceptualizing, defining and developing a Just Transition policy framework for (...)
22 to 24th may 2018 Keywords : Activities Nigeria

African trade unions are committed to contribute to the United Nations Global Compact on migration

The UN Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration is an opportunity for trade unions to rethink their migration policies. These policies should not focus only on the recognition of human mobility, but also its contribution to sustainable (...)
10 to 12 avril 2018 Keywords : Activities Nigeria

Union leaders strengthen their skills in democratic management

Putting strategies in place to strengthen the democratic functioning and unity of trade union action for the emergence of strong unions is more necessary than ever, in the context of the global economic and financial crisis.
21 to 25 May 2018 Keywords : Benin Cote d’Ivoire Guinea Senegal ChadBurkina FasoMaliTogo

Labour Day Celebrations

Each year, Trade unions around the world commemorate Labour Day. Traditionally, on 1st May, they voice their concerns about the working conditions of their members and demand for wage increment and more jobs during the celebrations. This event was celebrated across the continent in different (...)
1st May Keywords : Benin Democratic Republic of Congo SenegalNigerTogo


The purported firing of striking nurses by Vice-President Constatino Chiwenga is completely out of order and must be condemned in the strongest terms.
19 April 2018 Keywords : Zimbabwe DeclarationsHuman and trade union rights

RadioLabour Interview on Helping migrant workers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

While Qatar has been the most famous example of the exploitation of migrant workers the situation is actually much worse in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab emirates. A RadioLabour interview with Joel Odijie, the Coordinator of Human and Trade Union Rights for (...)
Keywords : Speeches Human and trade union rightsMigration


The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) joins the rest of the country in celebrating Independence Day. We take cognisance of the significance of this day to all Zimbabweans and the role played by freedom fighters and the masses to liberate the country from the evil minority (...)
17 April 2018 Keywords : Zimbabwe Declarations

Template on human and trade union rights incidence reporting format

Modèle de formulaire pour signaler des incidents de violation des droits humains et syndicaux
Keywords : ActivitiesTechnical documentHuman and trade union rights


The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is greatly disturbed by the government’s lack of seriousness in resolving its dispute with the striking doctors. The continued strike by the doctors is causing untold suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans as it has paralyzed operations at state-run (...)
15 Mars 2018 Keywords : Zimbabwe DeclarationsHuman and trade union rights

World Social Forum 2018

The World Social Forum has consolidated itself as an open space of horizontal and plural encounter for the democratic debate of ideas, the formulation of proposals, the free exchange of experiences and the articulation for effective actions by organizations and movements of the planetary civil (...)
12-17 March 2018 Keywords : ActivitiesHuman and trade union rightsPeace And SecurityMigration

The changing nature of work and growing inequalities: Challenges for trade unions

The 8th edition of the ITUC-Africa Trade Union Forum took place from the 13th to 16 February 2018 at the Fopadesc Center in Lomé under the theme "The changing nature of work and growing inequalities: Challenges for trade unions".
13th to 16 February 2018 Keywords : ActivitiesTogo

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) condemns failure by authorities to adress Hwange demonstrations and threatens to mobilise workers from other sectors to demonstrate against the Ministry of Labour’s "silence" on the salary impasse at the Hwange Colliery Company

Partly owned by the Government, the coal mining company, owes its employees salaries of almost four years’ s and the workers’ spouses were demonstrating at the company premises last week, demanding that the management honors the plan of arrangements they agreed upon to resolve the matter. The (...)
February 28, 2018 Keywords : Zimbabwe

Inauguration of the new headquarters of the CSA

The CSA (Confédération des Syndicats autonomes du Sénégal) unveiled its new headquarters in Parcelles-Assainies on Saturday, February 17, 2018, in the presence of the Senegalese Minister of Labour, Social Dialogue, Professional Organizations and Relations with (...)
February 17, 2018 Keywords : Senegal


The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) condemns in strongest terms the failure by responsible authorities to intervene and bring to an end the labour dispute that has engulfed Hwange Colliery Company.
Keywords : Zimbabwe DeclarationsHuman and trade union rights

Condolence Message from the ZCTU on the passing on of Dr Morgan TSVANGIRAI

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has learnt with great sadness on the passing on of former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Président of the opposition MDC-T and former Secretary-General of the ZCTU, Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai on 14 February (...)
15 February 2018 Keywords : ZimbabweTributes

Concept Note and Program of the 8th edition of the ITUC-Africa New Year School #TUschool

Theme: ’’The Changing Nature of Work and Growing Income Inequalities: African Trade Union Responses" #TUschool @ITUC_Africa
13-16 February 2018 Keywords : ActivitiesTogo

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