Season’s Greetings 2020 :

Dear Comrades, the President, the General Secretary and the General Council of ITUC-Africa wish you the season’s greetings and a Happy New Year !




The ALEN Program has been through many phases. The evolution from the APADEP program, AEN and now ALEN. An evaluation was carried out in May 2010 which outlined the problems that the network had faced in the past which had contributed to its (...)

‘Growth is not accompanied by employment’ – Interview with Kwasi Adu-Amankwah

Africa’s labour movement is on the move from Cape to Cairo – demanding democracy, devising policy and building a new African economy that creates jobs and opportunities for all. Not only is another Africa possible, trade unionist Kwasi Adu-Amankwah tells Africa Renewal, it’s on its (...)

COSATU-NLC-GTUC Trilateral Leaders meetings statement

The COSATU (South Africa) – NLC (Nigeria) – GTUC (Ghana) Trilateral Leaders meeting took place in Johannesburg on the 15-16th February, 2011 to take forward the key outcomes of the highly successful Accra Conference between the three federations and their affiliates, held in May, (...)

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7th New Year School : In order to stop illicit financial flows for a structural transformation of Africa, trade unionists roll up their sleeves.

Around US $ 50 billion is lost by Africa every year through illicit financial flows, which, according to Global Financial Integrity (GFI) estimates, are growing at an astounding rate of 20.2 percent annually. A phenomenon that is in the agenda (...)
2017 Jan 30 - Feb 03 / New Year School Lome - TOGO
2019 Dec 03

African Trade Union Demands COP 25

Climate change impacts on the African continent are visibly disturbing, as it begins to manifest one crisis after another. The Africa we want is crying for policy and climatic space to transform its economies, livelihoods and societies for the benefit of current and future generations. The (...)