Keywords : Organising And Workers Empowerment - Trade Union Unity

An inaugural regional workshop on CSI Organising project is taking place in Lomé from 15 to 20 April 2013 at the Headquarters of the ITUC-Africa.

This Workshop of exchange of good experiences and good practices which brings together 17 participants from 09 African countries English will contribute to upgrade and strengthen the capacities of national focal points. Thereby, they will be equipped in the field of strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and management of the teams on the ground.

This will be followed by workshops at the national level, during which national organizing networks will be set up with the development of national strategies supported by effective, realistic and concrete action plans for each country.

The clear definition of tasks in the field will be part of the action plans and allow better monitoring of organizing activities.

By the end of these activities, the national networks should be operational and will start organizing activities in targeted business sectors, under the supervision of the national focal point.

The program’s objective is to achieve the union of at least 10,000 workers per year for each country, which will total 70,000 workers who will integrate the unions each year.

A regional workshop for evaluation of the achievements of the program will be held at the end of each year and the next steps to take will be planned.

Ultimately, it is expected that trade unions beneficiaries can see the number of members increase, which will enable them to have sufficient representation in order to influence the balance of negotiations in the decision-making bodies.

Similarly, particular emphasis will be placed on the need to introduce reforms in the labour legislation in the pilot countries, in order to take into account the concerns of workers in the informal sector in matters including minimum wage and welfare.

Optimism is evident only when the governance and economic policies support workers / Artists.
Therefore, we need to organize ourselves on the industrial policy and encourage citizens to fight for their aspirations. These are the core values of the labor movement in every community and in every country.

It is planned to extend this important session of training union organizers in May 2013 to 10 Francophone countries.

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