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The African Regional Organization of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa) on the occasion of the 2013 May Day celebration congratulates all Africans for the relentless struggles being waged throughout the continent for a better Africa. We salute working families for their services and contribution to wealth creation and nation building as well as their sacrifices and commitment to social justice.

Workers Day is a time to reflect on all the great struggles the trade union movement has waged; the victories which have been won and the setbacks and challenges faced in the struggle to attain social justice for workers and African people as a whole.

As workers commemorate the day through diverse forms of activities and celebrations, we recall the many challenges facing African working families, households and communities. These challenges include the widening effects of the global economic crisis which continue to exacerbate poverty and inequality. Other crises such as those of food, energy, climate change as well as the persistent incidence of conflict, war and terrorism continue to plague the African continent. The employment situation on the continent has not improved. A very high proportion of workers survive in the informal sector without adequate social protection.

Consequently, there is the need for trade unions to adhere to the fundamental principles and ideals of unionism to preserve the gains worn by our forebearers. Sacrifice and commitment are therefore essential in the fight for the socio-economic and political emancipation of our countries and our continent.

On the occasion of the 2013 May Day celebration, ITUC-Africa sends its solidarity to the working class around the continent as well as all men, women and the youth around the world. Finally, ITUC-Africa hopes that this year’s commemoration of the International Workers’ Day will give strength to African workers to continue the struggle for a better Africa and world.

The struggle for social justice for a better Africa continues!

Long live African working families!

Long live workers around the world!!

Happy May Day celebrations!!!

Kwasi Adu-Amankwah

General Secretary

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