NLC- Press Statement: Stop Playing Politics with Chibok Girls

10 May 2017 Abuja - NIGERIA
Keywords : Human and trade union rights Nigeria

We would want to commend the government for securing the release of 82 additional Chibok girls from captivity. The government’s effort represents commitment to its promise and obedience to public pressure.

We also wish to express our profound happiness and relief as this set of girls re-unite with friends and families.

We urge the government to sustain the momentum that ensured the latest release. If popular figures are anything to go by, 163 girls so far have been secured, leaving 114 in custody.

Government should leave no stone unturned in order to ensure the remaining 114 are freed. We are appalled by negative comments from some quarters about the circumstances surrounding the release of the 82.

We must not hesitate to caution those who seek to politicise everything in the land that whatever goes around, comes around, and above all, to note life is sacrosanct and that nothing supersedes it.

In furtherance of this, government should maintain its momentum, remain focused and not allow uncharitable comments derail it from its trajectory on the Chibok girls.

In the past three years since the abduction of the Chibok Girls, we have been in the vanguard of those who canvass for the release of the girls from custody without harm.

During the commemoration of May Day barely a week ago, like in the previous years, we had noted that “the victory over Boko Haram cannot be complete without the rescue unharmed of the girls”.

Comrade Ayuba Wabba, mni.


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