News from affiliates: Press release ZCTU - Labour Amendment Bill - Nothing To be Excited About

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The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) would like to dispel the perception being created that the gazetting ot the Labour Amendment Bill will immediately bring relief to workers.

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Until when the Bill becomes law, more workers will continue to lose their jobs. In fact, if the Bill does not address the issue of workers who have already lost their jobs without benefits, there is nothing to celebrate. The question is: Are the fired workers going to get their jobs back or get their benefits?

Workers must remain vigilant as the ZCTU is also aware that there are attempts in government to introduce labour market flexibility and their target is to amend the Labour Act to make it easy for employers to hire and fire.

Minister ot Finance, Patrick Chinamsa and Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha, have made this very clear.

Therefore workers must be mindful that the new Labour Act might not be the panacea to the current layo^^ndjmistjje prepared for a long battle.

Gideon Shoko
13 August 2015

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