Petition from Southern African HTUR Network to SADC

Keywords : South Africa Human and trade union rights

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Dr. Tomaz Augusto Salamao
Executive Secretary
Southern Africa Development Commission

10th December, 2010

Dear Sir,

Petition from the African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa) Southern African Human and Trade Rights Network on Human and Workers’ Rights Deficits in Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Madagascar and an Appeal for urgent intervention
We, the trade unions from the SADC region meeting in Goborone, Botswana on 9th and 10th December 2010 under the platform of the ITUC-Africa Human and Trade Union Rights Network bring you warm compliments from the leadership and the larger membership of our unions at national and continental levels and wish to draw the attention of your Office and the Commission to systematic and disturbing human and worker’s rights violations in Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Madagascar including lack of commitment on implementation of the SADC social charter by all partner states.

Today is the International Human Rights Day declared and dedicated to and for people of the world to take stock, access and draw global attention to the state of people’s rights worldwide. And for us workers and working families and trade union organisations in Africa, we are using the occasion of the event to draw attention to the deploring state of rights in the above stated countries manifest in massive, but avoidable abuses, infringements and violations. These violations have to varying degrees impinged upon and undermined opportunities necessary for the free and full development of persons and groups.

Sir, let us quickly point out that the issues of human and workers’ rights violations in Southern Africa is not limited alone to these countries under focus. However, we are compelled by the sense of urgency and serious worries about the degrees of gross, manifest and repeated rights abuses in these countries informed our decisions to focus on these countries. It is on the strength of these concerns therefore that we catalogue the violation and passionately urge your Office and the Commission to act and take decisive actions to arrest the situations, rein in impunity and cause a restitution process that will assuage and compensate for past abuses.

Let us also quickly add that the situations of gross rights violations in these countries date back to over two decade’s timeframe. We are however going to constraint ourselves to not too far, however, with different timelines as it concerns each of the three countries under focus. For Zimbabwe, after the crisis of the 2008 elections and the subsequent intervention of the Southern African Development Commission (SADC) that led to the Global Political Agreement (GPA), which worked out a power sharing arrangement between the Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), and MDC-?

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