Private Sector Seminar, Lusaka 26-27 March 2019

26-27 March 2019 Lusaka, ZAMBIA
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The TUDCN is organising a two day seminar on the involvement of private sector in development programmes in Africa. The first day will be dedicated to the major trends and new developments in this area, and the second day will focus on blended finance and the development effectiveness agenda.

March 14

Agenda for the seminar

Background materials

  1. Mission report of the ITUC Fact-finding mission on Chinese Investments in Africa
  2. TUDCN Research Paper - Aligning blended finance to development effectiveness: where we are at
  3. TUDCN Advocacy Brief: Making private sector investments in development programmes aligned with the SDGs
  4. OECD Blended Finance Principles
  5. Peter Bakvis (fr ITUC Washington Office Director): The African Development Bank’s new labour safeguard
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