Série spécifique 5 : Atelier de Recherche de Nairobi, Juillet 2011

Keywords : Technical document Structural Transformation For Africa’s Development
PDF - 177.1 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc1_Sess ion1
PDF - 45.9 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc2_Sess ion_2_Round_Table_1_ Report
PDF - 619.6 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc3_Sess ion3
PDF - 119.8 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc4_Sess ion4_Round_table_2_d iscussions
PDF - 156.1 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc5_Sess ion_5_Decent_Work_Po licies_in_Africa
PDF - 35.6 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc6_Sess ion_5_Case_study
PDF - 36.1 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc7_Sess ion5_Wks_2_GROUP_1
PDF - 38.1 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc8_Sess ion5_Wks_2_Group_II
PDF - 772.8 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc9_Sess ion_6_WRTING_PROPOSA L
PDF - 141.7 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc10_Ses sion_6_REPORT_WRITIN G
PDF - 196.6 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc11_Ses sion_6_ACTION_RESEAR CH_FOR_TU
PDF - 572.7 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc12_Ses sion_7_Basic_statist ics_indicators
PDF - 253.8 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc13__In dications_Round_Tabl e3
PDF - 212.3 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc14_Ses sion9
PDF - 289.5 kb
ITUC-Af_P4_At-NBO_June11_Doc15_Wor kshop_Report

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