10th New Year School: African Trade Unions and the Future of Work

17-20 Febrary 2020 Lome, TOGO
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Technological advances, artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are plunging the world of work today into unprecedented change. If this change promises to be beneficial for some under other skies, that is likely to strike a blow to others on the black continent, given that the realities and the challenges of the world of work differ from continent to continent. other. African trade unionists are looking into the future of work in Lomé.

February 17

Gathered in Lomé within the framework of the 10th edition of the forum for the start of the trade union year of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa) which is placed under the theme: “Trade unions and the future of work”, these executives of African trade union organizations want to discuss and reflect on contemporary social, economic and political issues that concern Africa.

The 10th edition of the ITUC-Africa New Year School the theme: “Africa trade Unions and the future of work”, brought together in Lome, Togo leaders and experts from African trade union organizations to discuss and reflect on contemporary social, economic and political questions concerning Africa.
For four days (from February 17 to 20, 2020), these defenders of workers’ rights from all over Africa, will discuss issues related to African emancipation, regional integration, sustainable development keeping in mind trade union unity and the future of work in Africa

“It is important to deepen reflection on the future of work in the African context, taking into account the resolutions of the 4th Congress of the ITUC-Africa held in Abuja in November 2019 and to find avenues for lasting solutions likely to favor greater union unity for the benefit of African workers and peoples, "said the ITUC-Africa president.
According to Mr. Guiro, in this perspective, the 10th edition of the back-to-work forum plans to exploit the various discussions of the 4th ITUC-Africa congress, focusing on the issue of stronger and more united unions that are capable to make a difference in Africa and beyond, and who are ready to meet the challenges of the future of work.

With these words, the union leader has paved the way for his comrades to address the issues that are dear to their hearts, notably the employability of young people and the exploitation of the demographic dividend represented by youth in Africa, the reforms of the UN and ILO country program for the promotion of decent work, the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement: Utopia or Achievable Goal? They will also address the issue of the ILO centenary declaration and the declaration of the 14th African Regional Meeting of the ILO.

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