ATUDN : African Trade Union Development Network

The African Trade Union Development Network (ATUDN)

Trade unions are a major actor in development. Through their everyday work in upholding freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, and in promoting decent work and the rights of working people and their families, trade unions are essential to achieving development that benefits the great majority.

The African Trade Union Development Network (ATUDN) brings the voice of working people to development discourses in Africa, coordinating trade union input to development policy-making at the national, sub-regional and regional levels. It brings together ITUC-Africa affiliates, trade union research institutes and sub-regional trade union confederations. The ATUDN further aims to improve the coordination and effectiveness of trade union development cooperation activities.

The ATUDN is part of the Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN), which brings together members at the global level.

The work of the ATUDN currently focusses on the following topics :

• The Sustainable Development Goals
• Private sector accountability for development
• The role of social dialogue in development

For more information, please contact Alex Nkosi, ATUDN Policy Officer -

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