A New Dawn : Comrade Joel Akhator Odigie Elected General Secretary of ITUC-Africa

Nairobi, 30 November 2023 By Adjélé Mensah
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In a historic moment that resonates with the spirit of unity and progress, the 5th Delegates Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation - Africa (ITUC-Africa) concluded on November 30th in Nairobi. Among the significant outcomes of this gathering was the election of Comrade Joel Akhator Odigie as the new General Secretary of ITUC-Africa, marking a new chapter in the organization’s journey towards empowering African workers and advancing labor rights.

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Comrade Joel Akhator Odigie’s ascension to the position of General Secretary is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the principles of trade unionism and his extensive experience in advocating for the rights of workers across the continent. As a seasoned activist and a staunch Pan-Africanist, Comrade Odigie brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for social justice to the leadership role.
The 5th Ordinary Congress gathered over 300 delegates, observers, and guests, representing various facets of our vibrant African community and our allies in other continents. The Congress participants included trade union leaders, women and youth committee representatives, subregional organisation representatives, global union federation representatives, and distinguished personalities who are dedicated to the cause of social justice and equality for all.
“We shall remain seized with ensuring the respect for human and workers’ rights, especially on the issues of the right to association and collective bargaining, expression, assembly, strike and right to social, economic and political participation.” Declared comrade Joel Akhator Odigie in his first speech as the new General Secretary
Comrade Odigie’s election as General Secretary comes at a crucial time when African workers are grappling with the impact of global economic shifts, technological advancements, and the need for greater inclusivity in the workplace.
As Comrade Odigie takes the helm of ITUC-Africa, he faces a landscape marked by both challenges and opportunities. Economic disparities, social injustices, and the evolving nature of work require innovative and collaborative solutions. The new General Secretary’s vision for the next four years will undoubtedly shape the direction of ITUC-Africa and influence the broader narrative of workers’ rights on the continent.

Echoes from ITUC-Africa 5th Delegates Congress

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