"Championing Rights-Based Migration Governance: ITUC-Africa’s Call to Action on International Migrants Day"

Dar Es Salam, 18 December 2023 By Adjélé Mensah
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On this year International Migrants Day, the African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa) stands to acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of millions of migrants worldwide. As a staunch advocate for social justice and human rights, ITUC-Africa recognizes the challenges faced by migrants, particularly on the African continent, and issues a fervent call to action for comprehensive protections and rights.

December 21

The migration journey is a courageous path, often marked by formidable challenges. From social integration hurdles to inadequate social protection coverage, labor rights violations, and a lack of legal protections, migrants navigate a complex web of difficulties. ITUC-Africa underscores the urgency of addressing these issues and calls upon African Union member states to ratify the AU Convention on the Free Movement of People and pertinent International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions related to migration.

Prioritizing Protection in Bilateral Labour Agreements:
In an effort to mitigate challenges faced by migrant workers, ITUC-Africa urges African governments to prioritize the protection of migrant workers’ rights in Bilateral Labour Agreements (BLAs). Emphasizing fair and equitable treatment within these agreements, special attention is placed on securing the rights of migrant women workers.

Inclusive Social Dialogue for Better Governance:
Recognizing the importance of inclusive decision-making processes, ITUC-Africa advocates for the involvement of tripartite social partners in labor migration governance. “To enhance better governance in labour migration, it is imperative to involve tripartite social partners, fostering inclusive decision-making processes that consider the perspectives of all stakeholders. Therefore, we shall continue to advocate for inclusive social dialogue processes that involve organised labour, migrant workers and other critical stakeholders”. Declared cde Joel Akhator, ITUC-Africa Genel Secretary.

Migrant Information Centres and Skills Development:
To assist individuals embarking on migration journeys, ITUC-Africa calls for the establishment of Migrant Information Centres, essential resources that provide guidance, support, and information. Additionally, governments are urged to dedicate attention to skills development, ensuring that migrant workers have access to social protection and support for redress in cases of infractions.
“In line with the Sustainable Development Goals outlined during the 2030 Agenda and the Africa Agenda 2063, we emphasise the urgency for people-centred and evidence-based solutions that empower individuals to remain in their communities or facilitate safe and dignified migration when necessary”. He added.

Furthermore, building on discussions at COP28 in Dubai, ITUC-Africa and global trade unions advocate for inclusive partnerships addressing the impact of climate change on migrants. This involves championing the rights of migrants, women, persons with disabilities, and communities, with a pivotal role assigned to youth involvement in shaping these discussions.
ITUC-Africa reaffirms its commitment to championing rights-based migration governance for shared progress and social justice.

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