ITUC-Africa Commemoration of Global Day of Action

Lomé , Togo 26 Juin 2019
Keywords : Activities Climate Change And Environment

On the 26th of June, the staff of ITUC-AFRICA came together to commemorate the Global Day of Workplace Action on Climate Change.

The theme for this year’s Global Day of Workplace Action is ‘Climate Proof our Work’ #cPOW and this activity dubbed ‘Climate Dialogue’ was the first of its kind.

Participants brainstormed on potential innovative actions and practices to be implemented in achieving a Green and sustainable work environment.

This exercise highlighted how climate change affects work, and provided a platform for staff to share individual experiences and collective actions towards a green transition in line with environmental standards.

June 27

The meeting adopted a very interactive approach and methodology and responded to the following objectives:

• Assess the level of environmental awareness and deepen the consciousness of staff of ITUC-AFRICA
• Discuss good practices within respective roles and duties that are ecologically friendly
• Discuss good practices within the workspace that are ecologically friendly
• Discuss innovative steps towards Greening the workplace and consequently FOPADESC as a whole

At the end of the two hour engagement, the staff of ITUC-AFRICA agreed a few measures to adopt as good and green practices within the workplace. These measures were formulated bearing in mind the principles of practicality, efficiency and realistic. Among them, we can highlight:

  • Reduction of the use of plastic bottles within the workplace by placing Water Dispensers at vantage points within the offices;
  • Minimalize the use of paper,
  • Recycling used paper for other uses;
  • Recycling waste management systems;
  • Grow trees in and around the Center
  • Adopt a centralized network printing systems
  • Develop a Workplace Policy on Climate Change
  • Use more natural and day light when possible.
  • Introduce carpooling/ sharing for colleagues living in same neighborhoods

In line with the recommendations above, participants in the meeting resolved to continue discussions towards effectively implementing the proposed recommendations within the office over time.

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