ITUC-Africa reaffirms its commitment for the Elimination of Violence against Women

25 November 2023 By Adjélé Mensah
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As the vibrant continent of Africa echoes with the collective voices of individuals, organizations, and communities united against gender-based violence, the International Trade Union Confederation-Africa (ITUC-Africa) organised a powerful trade union action on November 25, marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
In a resounding statement, ITUC-Africa reaffirmed its unwavering solidarity with the diverse tapestry of Africa, all sharing a common commitment to prevent and combat violence against women.

November 25

The commemoration serves as a poignant reminder that this pervasive issue transcends boundaries, impacting women from every corner of the continent, irrespective of background, territory, or generation.

Central to ITUC-Africa’s advocacy is the call for the ratification of International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention No. 190 and Recommendation No. 206. These instruments underscore the right of every individual to a workplace free from violence and harassment, including the insidious specter of gender-based violence. The urgency of this call emanates from the understanding that violence against women spans a spectrum, from domestic abuse to sexual assault, encompassing moral, psychological, sexual, and economic dimensions.

ITUC-Africa keenly acknowledges that this issue is not confined to private spaces but infiltrates workplaces, communities, and public domains. Recognizing the pivotal role of unions, civil society, and governmental bodies, the organization underscores the necessity of collective action to eliminate this crisis. The need for fostering environments where women can live and work free from fear is paramount.

In a proactive stance, ITUC-Africa commits to leading awareness-raising actions among the continent’s trade union leadership. By elevating the discourse on gender-based violence in the world of work, ITUC-Africa positions it as a priority, ensuring that the fight against such violence is embedded in the core of the labor movement’s mission.
As the continent stands at the crossroads of progress, ITUC-Africa invites all to recommit to the principles of equality, justice, and human dignity.

In unity, a continent can be forged where every woman lives free from the threat of violence, empowered to enjoy the full spectrum of her rights. The trade union action on November 25 serves not just as a moment of reflection but as a catalyst for sustained action, reminding Africa and the world that the fight against violence on women is a shared responsibility, a commitment echoed by ITUC-Africa’s resolute call to action.

Commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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