ITUC-Africa’s Statement on WDDW 2014

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The African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUCAfrica)
joins trade unions around the world mobilizing on this day, October 7th, to demand
justice for workers, a climate justice and the full respect for workers’ rights.

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Many workers, today, only have a temporary job. According to the International Labour
Organization, at least half of the world’s labour force is engaged in various forms of
vulnerable labour. More than 80% of the world’s population has no or very limited access to
social protection. This situation was aggravated since 2008 by the economic crisis which
dragged one hundred million additional people into extreme poverty and undermined efforts
to improve social and employment conditions of millions of workers.

The crisis was worsened by the inability or unwillingness of Governments to rekindle
growth and employment and the youth continue to be one of the groups most severely
affected. 75 million young people are unemployed worldwide, millions of others get trapped
in an informal or precarious employment and tens of millions have no access to education or

Climate change adds to this with drastic social consequences. It has increased the social
vulnerability of all sectors and more particularly that of agriculture, fishing, the finance,
insurance, health and energy sectors and all infrastructures.
The social protection system should be strengthened and should take into account the
specific situations of certain trades or certain geographical areas. This is because climate
change induces mitigation and adaptation policies that entail heavy social changes, the
scarcity of certain trades or the decline of employment in certain sectors.
There is therefore an urgent need to design a strategy for a geographical and sectorial
redistribution of employment followed by tailored social protection policies that must be at
the heart of the ’just transition’ concept. The “Just transition” concept has a potential for jobs
development and improvement of working conditions and is also a way to reconcile the
social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

Together, let’s fight for a fair justice for workers and a climate justice for all.

Issued from Lomé, TOGO, 7th October 2014


General Secretary

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