Messages of Solidarity Committees with the Iranian Workers’ Movement-Abroad

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To the striking workers in South African mines ”Committee Coordinating Strike Joint Rustenburg"

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Dear comrades!

We heard your appeal for international support and solidarity. During the last few months we are witnessing your strikes and struggles for justice. We heard the heart rending sound of thundering machine guns opened fire on you and we were devastated by the news.

To spread your voice and learn more about your struggles in Iran, we released a statement and published it on YouTube in Farsi language.
You are struggling with Devotion and courage against the imperial capital giants, multinational corporations and imperialist order. You know that poverty, lack of proper housing, lack of education etc., in other words having a decent life is not natural and not imposed by a supernatural force, but the result of a profit dominated and exploitative system, which not only rules your lives, but also lives of billions of people worldwide.

As appears from your letter, you are also suffering the lack of mass organization of the working class; having a traitorous trade union that backs up the capitalists instead of the workers.

Dear comrades!

We declare our solidarity with you and supporting you as our duty and responsibility.
We will do our best to bring your voice to your comrades in Iran in all possible ways.

In the coming days we will donate a small amount into your account.

We regard your struggles and victory as ours and shake your hands warmly.

Long live the united struggles against the capitalism.

Solidarity Committees with the Iranian Workers’ Movement-Abroad,

October 2012

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