NLC Press Statement : Lafiya Gas Explosion - Avoidable Tragedy

11 Sep 2018 Abuja, NIGERIA
Keywords : Declarations Human and trade union rights Nigeria

The Nigeria Labour Congress wishes to sympathise with the government and people of Nasarawa State and victims of gas explosion in Lafia, Nasarawa State which claimed scores of lives and destroyed properties worth fortunes.

It was a traumatic, awful and tragic experience. The victims, majority of whom were either customers or passers-by did not deserve this.

We at the Nigeria Labour Congress, without prejudicing the outcome of a possible investigation, believe, this was an avoidable tragedy.

As the government and people of the state come to terms with this horrific experience, we call on the state government on humanitarian grounds to assist the survivors pick up their medical bills.

More fundamentally, the state government should order an investigation into this unfortunate incident with a view to meting out severe sanctions to any one found to have acted negligently. There should be consequences for acts of commission or omission that lead to this kind of tragedy.

We similarly call for emplacement of enforceable regulations with regards to operation of highly inflammables in urban settlements.

Only recently a tanker fire on Odetola Bridge led to indescribable loss of
lives and properties.

We do not need another tragic outing before proactive actions are taken across the country by the appropriate authorities.

Enough is enough.

Comrade Ayuba Wabba, mni.

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PDF - NLC STATEMENT: Lafiya Gas Explosion - Avoidable Tragedy

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