News from affiliates: PRESS RELEASE from ZCTU: Government Insincere On Stermning Out corruption

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The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is baffled by the lukewarm response of
government to cases of corruption, including the obscene salaries which some executives are
alleged to be pocketing on a monthly basis.

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The ZCTU, since 2011, has been calling for the probing of executive salaries but the call has
been falling on deaf ears. Despite recent revelations of scandalous hefty salaries and benefits at
ZBC, PSNLAS, Nlarange, Harare City Council and a host of quasi government owned institutions
and parastatals, the state’s response has been ambivalent signalling connivance in some quarters.

We believe these companies had become looting heavens for loyalists seconded to them by authorities in government.

What is most surprising is that the culprits are stauncb ZANU PF defenders and supporters and the ZCTU believes the issues will die a natural death just as in the high profile citing of Goodwill
Masimirembwa over a diamonds briberv case. There was also an expose of Minister Ignatius Chombo’s numerous properties and the alleged amassing of property Minister Obert Mpofu.
These are matters of public interest and the government ought to have moved in to clear the air.

The government has the duty to act swiftly but it seems its hands are tied as some of its officials are part to the looting. lt is either the government slept on duty or its officials were benefiting
from the malice, It is high time the state responds fast as the nation is on its knees not because
of sanctions as some allege, but institutionalised greed and looting.

The ZCTU demands action NOW on those implicated in looting the country’s resources.

Japhet Mayo
06 February 2014

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