Statements on Xenohobic attacks in SA

Keywords : South Africa Declarations Human and trade union rights Peace And Security Extending Social Protection Organising And Workers Empowerment - Trade Union Unity Migration

Statements from SATUUC, BFTU-Botwana, CNTS-Senegal,SLLC-Sierra Leone and AFRICANS RISING.

PDF - 120.5 kb
pdf / SATUUC_statement_attacks_sa_2019

PDF - 261.2 kb
pdf / BFTU_-_press_statement_on_xenophobia_attacks_in_south_africa

PDF - 295.7 kb
pdf / CNTS Declaration_sur_evenements_af_sud

PDF - 253.3 kb
pdf / SLLC_sa_xenophobic_statement

PDF - 232.8 kb
pdf / AFRICANS RISING -statements-xenophobic-attacks

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