Urgent Call to Address Humanitarian Crisis and Climate Change as Mozambique and Malawi grapple with Cyclone Freddy

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The African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa: www.ituc-africa.org) expresses grave concern about the devastating impact of Cyclone Freddy on the people of Mozambique and Malawi. The loss of lives, damage and destruction to infrastructure and properties, and destruction of crops and livestock are tragic and heart-breaking. Our hearts go out to all the persons, families and communities, as well as the governments of Malawi and Mozambique that have been affected by this tragic development.


Swift and effective action is required to address the urgent humanitarian needs of those affected by the cyclone and we urge the governments of Mozambique and Malawi to prioritize the provision of emergency aid and support to affected communities. Access to safe shelter, clean water, food, and medical care must be provided without delay to prevent further loss of life and minimize the suffering of those affected by this disaster. We hope that coordinated effort by the governments of Mozambique and Malawi in close partnership with international humanitarian organizations, aid agencies, and other stakeholders will assure the mobilization of the needed resources and expertise to support the emergency response to support the affected communities to receive the assistance they need.

We further exhort both governments to take a long-term approach to addressing the root causes of such natural disasters. The increasing frequency and intensity of cyclones and other extreme weather events are a clear indication of the urgent need for action on climate change. These developments are reminders of the need and urgency to build climate change adaptability and mitigation stamina.

We appreciate the efforts and support of various rescue and support organisations that have been lending a hand to the affected people and communities andcall on all who can to assist Mozambique and Malawi to address the humanitarian crises that the flooding has thrown up.

This is a critical moment to act, and we must seize it to build a better future for all.
Kwasi Adu-Amankwah

General Secretary, ITUC-Africa
14th March 2023.

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